Marchesi Ancestors

The old Commune records which are in Latin are held by the Archivist at Poschiavo and are in Latin. The Marchesi family name has been traced in these records as early as 1452 and 1502, as well as Gervasi, Sassella, Costa, de Muletta, Ferrari, Barga and Paravicini. Further references to our name are fragmentary until the late 16th century. From that time, there are many records in San Vittore Mauro Church and also civic records in the Commune office of Poschiavo, where births, marriages and deaths of Marchesi family members have been listed since 1876. Today, the archivist maintains the old family records, as well as many other important historical documents in his office which is in the Tower in the Piazza, Poschiavo. The archive is supervised and checked regularly by the archivist and the inspectors of the State Archives to ensure that the documents are well preserved.

Here is a full list, going back to the 16th century, to enable you to find your ancestors. All the known names in the family, living and dead, are noted here.  CLICK HERE and the list of Marchesi Ancestors will come on to your screen, and you can read or print it.

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For further information, you will also find the names of all family members, together with the known events in their lives, by clicking on the Recorded Names menu tab and then on Marchesi Family names, which will give you a list of all the names in the Marchesi Family. Click on any name and you will go to that individual’s page giving all the information that we have about that person.

By clicking on the Family Tree main menu tab, you will find the Marchesi Family Tree, starting with Giovanni Marchesi, the earliest name in the family that we have traced.